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What About Staff Burnout?

  12/21/2017   Stephanie Koehn

There has been significant buzz around the topic of Physician burn-out due to the increased burden of administrative tasks. While I do not disagree with this issue, I must ask the question: How about the burn out of the provider’s office staff?

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What Is a Security Risk Assessment?

  10/31/2017   John McDuffie

In the healthcare realm, protecting your network and data is the law. Protecting PHI and ePHI requires many safeguards including strong password protection and strict adherence to policies governing the handling of PHI and ePHI to mention a few. Every possible step must be taken to ensure a patient’s information is not compromised.  This article provides excellent insight into how you can protect your data and protect your practice!

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Best Practices for Optimizing Patient Risk Adjustment Scores

  10/19/2017   Ronnie Smith, MD, ABIM, RPVI

It is imperative that healthcare providers quickly learn to navigate the new order of Risk Adjustment payment methodologies to insure optimal reimbursement for their services.  Leading industry expert Ronnie Smith, MD, has provided this article to shed light on this important and changing topic for providers.

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Kick Your Recruiting Up a Notch

  8/14/2017   Ken Rhie

When you want to kick your recruitment efforts up a notch, it's time to implement text messaging. When you add mass SMS as a form of communication, you will reach a wide audience of potential recruits. The younger crowd prefers text messaging over emails and phone calls. If you aren't using a text messaging platform, you are missing out on a big demographic of job candidates. As you continue to excel as a recruiter, it's time to find a text messaging software platform to reach your recruits faster.

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OperaCare Announces Senior Executives

  6/14/2017   Michael McGowan

Michael McGowan, President and Founder of Operacare, has added two top talents to his team.  Carl Queton is now the VP of Sales & Marketing, and Kristi Bajer is the VP of Clinical Operations.  This company is growing fast, and for good reason.  Their solutions and services are innovative, under-utilized, and very needed. 

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Hospice Proposed Rule

  5/25/2017   Katie Wehri, CHPC, Healthcare Provider Solutions, Inc.

Katie Wehri of Healthcare Provider Solutions, maven of the Hospice Industry, has drafted a very informative article.  This article is about the Hospice FY2018 Proposed Rule, Hospice Wage Index and Payment Rate Update, as well as Hospice Quality Reporting Requirements.  The Hospice Rule contains the proposed FY2018 payment rates, aggregate cap, and hospice quality reporting changes. 

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