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Do Your Homework: Get Extra Credit!

  6/15/2018   Tripp Matthews

Winning at Sales & Marketing starts with preparation and "doing your homework."  In a recent article, the Top Three basic elements of preparation were discussed.  In this follow up piece, there are three additional, and often overlooked, areas of preparation that are critical to establishing credibility with your target market and referral sources.  Don't just do your homework - but get the Extra Credit and watch your numbers go up!

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Do Your Homework

  6/6/2018   Tripp Matthews

Sales & Marketing professionals are under increased pressure to grow volume and close business.  Not only are healthcare providers tasked with doing more with less - so too are the grinders and hustlers of the Sales profession.  This increased pressure and scrutiny causes many salespeople to cut corners. 

This article highlights the importance of staying true to the basics - especially that of Preparation.  Not everyone loves Doing Their Homework, but you will have a hard time making the grade without it.

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Get the most out of your Technology Investment

  5/31/2018   Darcey Trescone, RN

Since an Electronic Medical Record system in the home care and hospice space is not "shrink wrapped" software bought off the shelf at your local Best Buy, it is critical that its deployment be done well, that it be configured to each customer's business needs. In part two of Darcey's series on software implementation, she offers a broad stroke outline for team structure, with a list of specific roles and responsibilities, that has been the foundation of successful software selections and implementations for many organizations she has worked with over the years.


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Why throw your competitive advantage away?

  5/22/2018   Darcey Trescone

Competitive advantage is what any organization in any industry strives for.  There are numerous articles and hundreds of books written about “How to gain a competitive advantage”.  In the homecare and hospice industry we continue to ignore that a solid Electronic Health Record implementation becomes irrelevant once the initial purchase is made.


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Creating Value in Bundled Payments

  5/4/2018   John Banks Powell, CipherHealth

A debate has been brewing over the past few years surrounding the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) mandatory and voluntary bundled payment programs. The eventual goal is to shift healthcare providers from fee-for-service payment models to those that are value-based, the most popular being mandatory and voluntary bundled payments.  Click to read it all!

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Chronic Disease Education: A Case Study

  4/26/2018   Ginny Kenyon


A nursing home that educated its sub-acute staff using Kenyon HomeCare Consulting courses on chronic disease dramatically reduced hospital readmissions and improved the quality of care. Consequently, the facility was asked to participate in two ACOs and was included in a prestigious grant award.

This is a case study on this amazing turnaround.


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