Hospice Expert Joining Healthcare Provider Solutions

  4/11/2017   Allison Cunningham

 One of Curaport's favorite educators, Katie Wehri, has joined a new firm.  Healthcare Provider Solutions, Inc. proudly announces the addition of Katie Wehri as Director of Operations Consulting. Katie is certified by the Health Care Compliance Association in health care privacy compliance. She has been working in the hospice, home health, private duty, and palliative care industries for 25-plus years and has held executive level positions in these arenas.

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Education: The Key to Health Care Organizational Success

  12/15/2016   Ginny Kenyon, RN, MN, Founder & CEO of Kenyon HomeCare Consulting

In today's healthcare industry, leaders are constantly seeking to understand how to best withstand the constant change and maelstrom of the healthcare arena.  Ginny Kenyon provides an excellent and well-written piece on how Education is the key to successful organizations and providers moving forward. 

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Judgement Day: Exploring the Hartman Value Profile to Gain Insight into Judgement Capacity

  10/13/2016   Penny Lovitt, MSN, RN, Managing Partner, OHEN Consulting, LLC


What if you could tell something about a person’s capacity for judgement before you hire them or promote them?  What if you could get a glimpse of their value system?  Not a spiritual, right-or-wrong value system, but rather who they are.  Penny Lovitt's piece is a great read to help you understand how to be a better leader and make better decisions.

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Spotlight Series - Tim Rowan

  9/12/2016   Tripp Matthews

Tim Rowan, the man behind the Home Care Technology Report.  This interesting man - a "go-to" source on all things Home Care - opens up on the path that brought him to where he is today, and what lessons were hardest learned along the way.

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CMS Pre-Claim Review Demonstration

  8/18/2016   Diane Link, Senior Clinical Consultant, BlackTree Healthcare Consulting

Home Health Agencies in five states are now required to submit a Pre-Claim Review to CMS before they will be fully reimbursed for the care they provide.  This article is a summation of this new regulation and how it can affect these agencies, as well as some tips to help prepare and execute new processes to accommodate the new rule.

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InBoxing: What is the right approach to Sales in Healthcare?

  7/20/2016   Tripp Matthews

This is an interview with three exceptional Sales Professionals:  Steve Yeatts, Todd Shannon, and Jason Lewallen.  We spoke about their approach to Sales, and what is universally true in Sales. 

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