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Diabetic Foot Care, Part 2 - Assessment and Management of Foot Issues and Wounds

  •   Webinar
  •   3/8/2018
  •   Myra Varnado, BS, RN, CWOCN

Lower extremity amputations attributed to complexities of the diabetic foot are well demonstrated to be preventable. Knowledge regarding current preventive strategies is not widely understood or taught to staff nurses.  This presentation discusses the key components of comprehensive diabetic foot assessment and management program with focus on neuropathy, peripheral arterial disease (PAD), musculoskeletal issues, and biomechanical foot abnormalities.  This is Part 2 of a 2-part series.


Defending Hospice Claims

  •   Webinar
  •   3/6/2018
  •   Heather Calhoun, RN, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C, HCS-H

*This education session is approved for one (1) contact hour of Continuing Education for Nursing

When Hospice Claims are denied, there is usually panic in that agency.  While having claims denied is certainly not optimal, it is an opportunity to make sure that your clinical & documentation processes up front are sound and being followed.  This webinar will educate your Hospice agency on how to best prevent, prepare for, and handle any denials that will come your way. 


Medicare Home Health Cost Report

  •   Webinar
  •   2/27/2018
  •   John Reisinger, CPA

The Medicare Cost Report has long been undervalued and underestimated as to its impact on regulatory and reimbursement changes.  John Reisinger, of Innovative Financial Solutions for Home Health will bring his vast experience and expertise to enable understanding and practical application of how important the MCR is and how it can be used to positively impact your agency. 


Transitional Care Management

  •   Webinar
  •   2/22/2018
  •   Kimberly Kicklighter, RN, MSN

Transitional Care Management (TCM) programs provide high quality care, when your patients need it most.  Do you understand your role in ensuring that patients do not fall through the cracks during a transition of their care?  Does your practice miss key components to ensure the success of a TCM program in your office?  This education session provides a great overview of the TCM requirements and how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls.



Social Worker: The Route to Quality Assessments

  •   Webinar
  •   2/21/2018
  •   Christina Nuqui, MSW

This webinar is part of the Clinical Defensible Documentation Series, where we are highlighting how each discipline can improve their documentation skills, maintain compliance, and provide better patient care.  This session will educate your Social Workers on how to perform quality assessments and document them correctly. 

Home care agencies have become vital in ensuring that individuals can remain home safely and independently.  Social workers have consistently been the frontline workers in times of crisis and have always provided a social safety net to ensure that everyone, particularly the vulnerable in our society, has access to needed services and resources.



Compliance Series, Part 5: Scribing - Real Time QA

  •   Webinar
  •   2/14/2018
  •   Michael McGowan

The Penalty Box is our monthly webinar series on the latest compliance and regulatory issues facing home health. The fifth session in this series, led by Michael McGowan of Operacare, provides an education on Scribing and how this process can revolutionize the care provision in Homecare while significantly increasing quality and compliance. 

Homecare is the only segment of the Healthcare continuum which isolates its nurses to assess and chart, do complete care planning, and manage a patient’s outcomes.  This has created long gaps between OASIS assessment completion and being able to care for the patient.  Good outcomes are difficult to attain because of this in many cases.