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Patient-Driven Groupings Model: What does PDGM Mean for Home Health?

  •   Webinar
  •   11/13/2018
  •   Nick Seabrook

The Home Health Care industry is set to experience the largest and most expansive overhaul to its payment system with the looming Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM).  As our nation’s healthcare system slowly but surely inches towards an outcome- and value-based reimbursement model – Home Health is now squarely in the midst of this seachange.  This webinar will help you and your agency understand the scope and scale of this most significant development in Homecare.


Enabling Clinician Compliance through Behavioral Change

  •   Webinar
  •   10/25/2018
  •   Jennifer Maxwell

While many healthcare providers have established processes for rolling out changes and training team members accordingly, often times the process falls short. It’s often because team members’ behaviors were only superficially adjusted. Organizations will only realize lasting and positive change when they learn the secrets to transforming human behavior at its core.  This webinar teaches how to manage and affect this change and ensure your clinicians are compliant.

Jennifer Maxwell, co-founder and president of Maxwell Healthcare Associates, works with the nation’s top home health and hospice providers through technology implementations, regulatory compliance initiatives, clinical efficiency evaluations and more. Ensuring success through these undertakings requires a formula to positively affect change.


OASIS-D: Ensuring Consistency and Accuracy

  •   Webinar
  •   10/18/2018
  •   Melissa Abbott, RN, MSN, MHA

OASIS.  Possibly the most spoken word, or acronym, in the Home Health industry.  And just when you get to grips with the current version, the next set of changes are coming up before you know it in the form of OASIS-D.  In this webinar, you will gain an understanding of the significant changes to OASIS-D and how to ensure consistencies and accuracy within your agency. 


Care Management - What to Know and Why to Care

  •   Webinar
  •   10/4/2018
  •   Dew-Anne Langcaon

Care Management is both under-utilized and misunderstood.  Care Managers are becoming their clients’ true partners in health for life.  Care Management aims to improve a person’s experience with the healthcare system by enhancing coordination of care, eliminating duplication, and helping patients and caregivers effectively manage health conditions. 

Register for this education session, and learn more about the emergence and importance of Care Management.



Are You Ready for the Review Choice Demonstration?

  •   Webinar
  •   9/14/2018
  •   Aaron Little, CPA

The Medicare home health pre-claim review (PCR) process implemented in 2016 created extensive operational challenges and payment delays and was eventually “paused” in 2017.  A new threat to operational efficiency and cash flow has been proposed to replace PCR in the form of the Review Choice Demonstration (RCD).  This proposed demonstration project has far reaching implications to all home health providers in the Palmetto GBA jurisdiction and providers must be prepared for the challenges RCD will have on operations and cash flow.



How to Address Home Health Survey Deficiencies

  •   Webinar
  •   9/11/2018
  •   Heather Calhoun, RN, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C, HCS-H

Home Health Agencies are constantly improving their Survey Preparation Protocols.  Task forces are created, processes put in place, I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.  Yet as long as humans are involved, there will be issues and there is a good chance you will at some point receive some Deficiencies – or are perhaps even dealing with them right now!

Come learn from the Home Health experts of Home Health Solutions as they teach you and your team how to address these Deficiencies – and how to analyze the reason(s) a Deficiency was cited.