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Chronic Disease Education: A Case Study

  •   Article
  •   4/26/2018
  •   Ginny Kenyon


A nursing home that educated its sub-acute staff using Kenyon HomeCare Consulting courses on chronic disease dramatically reduced hospital readmissions and improved the quality of care. Consequently, the facility was asked to participate in two ACOs and was included in a prestigious grant award.

This is a case study on this amazing turnaround.



Clinical Documentation - Therapy

  •   Webinar
  •   3/15/2018
  •   Douglas Farrell, PT

The Therapy experts at Advance Rehab Management Group are back to teach you the best practices regarding correct and compliant Therapy Documentation.  This education will take you within the industry and identify potential areas of improvement in your own therapy documentation. Are you a better therapist than your notes indicate? By attending this webinar, you will have the opportunity to take a critical look at things like: the therapy you delivered and the documentation you didn’t, you’re only as good as your documentation says you are, providing better care through excellent documentation.


What Every Administrator and Clinical Director Should Know

  •   Webinar
  •   3/13/2018
  •   Diane Link, RN, MHA

The individuals that are running a Home Health Agency feel like one-armed wallpaper hangers these days.  Home Health Directors are faced with many challenges during the workday from clinical issues to reading financials to finding and retaining good clinicians.   In this webinar we will review key items that every Clinical Director or Director of Nursing needs to know to perform their job.  Included will be how to use data to drive results, key performance indicators, scorecards and dashboards and what to do with those finance reports.



Hospice Outcomes: A Focus on the Future

  •   Webinar
  •   2/13/2018
  •   Heather Calhoun, RN, BSN, HCS-D, COS-C, HCS-H

This webinar is an in-depth review of the many outcome reports that are now available to hospice. Reviewing and understanding the results of these outcomes are eventually going to have an impact on hospice reimbursement. Incorporation of these outcomes on a local, state and national level will align your agency to be the leader in the hospice industry.



Healthcare Intelligence Delivered

  •   Webinar
  •   1/16/2018
  •   John Kiehl, MBA

With margins shrinking and competition growing, it’s critical to utilize industry-wide and agency specific data, not generalized assumptions to identify agency strengths & weaknesses as well as areas for growth & improvement in both sales activity and financial outcomes. Using current and historical trended data agencies can develop a plan to decrease operating costs, identify key areas of margin improvement and focus on specific tasks to impact change. 

If you would like a sample Market Intelligence County Profile, please contact us for pricing.


As part of your registration, you will receive a County Profile market intelligence data sample of the county of your agency!  Normally it would cost well over a thousand dollars for this, but it is included in your Registration Fee for this webinar (for non-subscription customers).

Subscription customers need to Contact Us to obtain this profile.



Hospice Quality Programming: QAPI and HQRP

  •   Webinar
  •   10/16/2017
  •   Katie Wehri, CHPC

This session explains the differences between QAPI and HQRP and then delves into the five standards of the QAPI condition of participation, the key regulatory compliance components of the condition, how to implement these components into daily operations and how to have a Medicare survey-ready QAPI program. 

Specific areas of focus for this education are to identify and explain the differences between HQRP and QAPI, list and explain the requirements of the five components of the QAPI condition of participation, explain how to incorporate QAPI concepts into daily operations, and share tips and provide suggestions for how to be ready for QAPI compliance to be assessed during a Medicare certification/recertification survey.