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How Employee Education Will Help Your Agency Surf the Changing Tides of VBP

  •   Webinar
  •   8/2/2016
  •   HCAF Annual Conference

From the HCAF Conference, this session is about how HHAs can survive the tide of VBP without getting knocked down into the sand.  Led by Bonnie Staas, learn how to bait, cast, and reel in the best employees, and learn how to train previously mismanaged and misinformed field staff.  Hone the skills of your office staff to produce pearls and learn proven strategies of successful orientation and training programs!


Episode 7: Steve Yeatts of

  •   Podcast
  •   5/10/2016
  •   Tripp Matthews, Steve Yeatts

In this enjoyable episode, Steve Yeatts joins Tripp to chat about Sales, Marketing and Leadership.  We first get to know the man behind the mic:  How Steve Yeatts came to be the motivational force he is today, and then discuss the necessity of "Connectors" in Sales & Marketing, Altruism vs. Capitalism in Sales, and a snippet of what to expect from his webinar coming up on Curaport on May 19th, 2016. 

You can learn more about Steve and his business at

Steve is also featured on Curaport in a recent article (, as well as his first of three web sessions he will be presenting on the Curaport platform ( 

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