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Spotlight Series - Tim Rowan

  •   Article
  •   9/12/2016
  •   Tripp Matthews

Tim Rowan, the man behind the Home Care Technology Report.  This interesting man - a "go-to" source on all things Home Care - opens up on the path that brought him to where he is today, and what lessons were hardest learned along the way.


Episode 14: Michael Blackstone, MD of SutureSign

  •   Podcast
  •   8/18/2016
  •   Tripp Matthews

This week's So What, Who Care? episode brings us Michael Blackstone, MD.  Dr. Blackstone is CEO of SutureHealth, a well respected member of the Homecare and Physician Community, and an LSU fan.

Our discussion starts with how he left the business of practicing medicine to become an entrepreneur (see the article about him on our site:  ); moves into how his featured product, SutureSign, is fitting an enormous need in the market; then we have a quick detour into the world of Homecare & Hospice Marketing; and then get his take on LSU's upcoming football season (whilst I lament the pending doom and despair as an Auburn Tiger).

Michael is polished and well spoken, whereas I seem to say 'dad gum' alot.  Nevertheless, this is a great way to get to know a true up-and-comer in the Post-Acute and Physician Practice space.


Episode 12: Population Health and Homecare with Elliott Wood of Medalogix

  •   Podcast
  •   7/27/2016
  •   Tripp Matthews, Elliott Wood

Elliott Wood of Medalogix joins the podcast to talk about his recent article/blogpost on the term "Population Health" and what that REALLY means in the Home Care space.  We learn about his journey to Medalogix, and spend lots of time talking through the fascinating and visionary company that is Medalogix.  Elliott is a Nashville native, with a degree in Psychology from Abilene Christian University, then two semesters of graduate work in clinical psychology – then left to join HealthStream because of his love of data/analytics.  Left for Medalogix because of Dan Hogan.  Medalogix is 6 years old.  Founded by Dan Hogan.  Takes data from Home Health providers nightly, looks at patterns and predictive models to help Home Health agencies.  Currently focused on different products to best leverage that data. 

During our conversation, we lament the overuse of industry buzzwords (while using them ourselves, shamefully), but how to use these industry terms correctly when educating our collective audience.  My children make noise in the background.  His definition of how Medalogix defines it is how to keep Home Health Agencies patients, their average daily census, from getting readmitted to the hospital. 

A quick discussion of an early misstep, or failure at Medalogix has turned into a burgeoning success relative to how to actually use the data that they are collecting and analyzing about Home Health agencies.  I like how he talks about providing "action" to their customers rather than simply providing "value."  Elliott gives us some success stories with their products Bridge and Touch. And I love their goal of driving better Clinical Conversations between caregiver and patient. 

We also touch on a sensitive topic about our country's, our society's approach to end-of-life care. 


How Home Care wins in the Bundled Payment Era

  •   Webinar
  •   6/23/2016
  •   Ken Accardi

Payment models are changing for post-acute care and ongoing chronic care.  These changes necessitate different models of care delivery.  Ken Accardi of Ankota describes how to win with these new models.



Episode 4: Jason Lewallen of PlayMaker CRM

  •   Podcast
  •   4/20/2016
  •   Tripp Matthews, Jason Lewallen

This week's episode is a conversation with Jason Lewallen, National Business Development Manager for PlayMaker CRM. We talk about Playmaker's history, product and services for a bit, then begin to wax eloquent about the current Sales Culture in the healthcare space.

The quote of the episode is from Jason, when speaking about Homecare & Hospice agencies marketing to their referral sources: "You can't outmarket your outcomes."

The episode concludes talking about what we have learned of late about Sales & Marketing.

Visit their website at:


Considering Electronic Visit Verification?

  •   Article
  •   3/24/2016
  •   CellTrak

Go Beyond Simple Proof of Visit to Optimize Health Care and Personal Services Delivery. As the costs of health care and personal services continue to escalate, and concern about the extent of fraud in the home health industry increases, home care, hospice and community care agencies are under increasing pressure to provide proof that services were delivered in order to receive payment.