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Episode 30: John Griscavage of Playmaker Health

  •   Podcast
  •   8/6/2018
  •   Tripp Matthews, John Griscavage

After a long absence, the So What, Who Cares? podcast is back with John Griscavage of PlayMaker Health.  We discuss his dynamic organization:  What they do, why they acquired ViaDirect, and how they can impact growth in the post-acute health care market.


InBoxing: Pre-Claim Review is back...kind of

  •   Article
  •   8/2/2018
  •   Tripp Matthews, Aaron Little

In this "InBoxing" article, Aaron Little of BKD discusses (the artist formerly known as) Pre-Claim Review. The Medicare home health pre-claim review (PCR) process implemented in 2016 created extensive operational challenges and payment delays and was eventually “paused” in 2017.  A new threat to operational efficiency and cash flow has been proposed to replace PCR in the form of the Review Choice Demonstration (RCD).  

Aaron and I discuss why it has resurfaced, what has changed, what will be different this time around, and a new name for this significant regulatory change.



Chronic Disease Education - A Case Study

  •   Article
  •   7/27/2018
  •   Ginny Kenyon, RN, MN

Providing quality and regular Chronic Disease Education to your clinicians can feel like something that you have to do, rather than an initiative for Healthcare providers to improve Outcomes and increase reimbursement.  However, this Case Study demonstrates just the opposite! 

Education is key to assuring quality care for patients. The better educated the staff, the lower the costs for the entire health care system.



Care Coordination: Caring for the Patient Using an Interdisciplinary Approach

  •   Webinar
  •   7/24/2018
  •   Melissa Abbott, RN, MSN, MHA

Effective care coordination and case management are dependent upon the interdisciplinary team working together towards collaborative goals and coordinating patient care in a proactive manner. Effective case management can enhance patient outcomes by planning a course of interventions and developing a plan to achieve the goal. This webinar will provide an understanding of what an effective case management model looks like and how you can ensure its success within your agency to ensure compliance with the CoP’s.


Social Determinants: The Impact on Patient Care

  •   Webinar
  •   7/13/2018
  •   Christina Nuqui, MSW

Addressing the Social Determinants of health will be the most important factor of health care reform. This webinar will discuss what Social Determinants are, and how they can help you better understand your patient. In addition, we will discuss how Social Determinants affect access to health services, Re-Hospitalizations, & Individual Behaviors.  An excellent and timely learning experience!



Performance Improvement for Home Health Conditions of Participation

  •   Webinar
  •   6/28/2018
  •   Diane Link, RN, MHA

COP.  QAPI.  PIP.  CMS.  The new and revised Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoP’s) have been in effect for six months now, and it can all feel a bit like acronym salad.  How is your agency doing with the new CoP's?  Before you and your agency go six months further into this new world order in Home Health - the time to evaluate your agency’s compliance with these CoP’s is now!