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Home Health Aides & Conditions of Participation

  •   Webinar
  •   1/4/2018
  •   Jnon Griffin, RN, MHA, HCS-D, COS-C, HCS-H, HCS-C

Under Home Health’s new Conditions of Participation, the Aide has two new competencies that must be performed prior to January 13th implementation date for existing employees.  Then, all new home health aides will be bound by these new Conditions as well.  Come learn about Common Skin Conditions and Communications Skills for your Home Health Aides!



What About Staff Burnout?

  •   Article
  •   12/21/2017
  •   Stephanie Koehn

There has been significant buzz around the topic of Physician burn-out due to the increased burden of administrative tasks. While I do not disagree with this issue, I must ask the question: How about the burn out of the provider’s office staff?

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QAPI Series, Part 4: Revenue Cycle & Episode Management

  •   Webinar
  •   12/12/2017
  •   Diane Link, RN, MHA

Home Health Agencies are already learning about what the new Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI) program means for their business.  The new requirements for providers, which were introduced in the new Conditions of Participation for Home Health, are inclusive of Program Oversight, Executive Responsibility, Scope, Data and Activities.

The new requirement for QAPI is to include an organizational wide approach to performance improvement.  Revenue Cycle Management is an integral part of an organization ability to grow and meet the needs of the community.  In this fourth session of a four-part series on the new QAPI initiative, Diane Link and Jess Stover of BlackTree Healthcare Consultants will focus on how to assess your agency’s Revenue Cycle and provide information on how to make improvements that will benefit your agency. 


Compliance Series, Part 3: Care Planning for HHGM & VBP Success

  •   Webinar
  •   12/6/2017
  •   Kristi Bajer, RN, MSN

The Penalty Box is our new monthly webinar series on the latest compliance and regulatory issues facing home health. This series is produced in partnership with OperaCare, a software and services company that focuses automating the quality assurance process for home health.  

How are you generating your plan of care?  Do you know the interventions and goals you are using are effective?  Is it taking you 2-3 days to create it.  In the proposed 30-day episode, we cannot wait until 25% of our episode is over to initiate our care.

The third session in this series, led by Kristi Bajer of Operacare, provides an in-depth look at how to ensure that your process for generating Care Plans are what they should be with these new models in mind.


Lower Extremity Wound Care

  •   Webinar
  •   11/16/2017
  •   Myra Varnado, BS, RN, CWOCN

Myra Varnado of Corstrata is back to provide education on Lower Extremity Wound Care.  This session provides an introduction and differentiation of the most commonly seen lower extremity (LE) wound etiologies. The key components of performing a focused lower extremity exam, as well as appropriate management strategies are discussed.


Compliance Series, Part 2: Common OASIS Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

  •   Webinar
  •   11/15/2017
  •   Michael McGowan

The Penalty Box is our new monthly webinar series on the latest compliance and regulatory issues facing home health.

Margins in home care continue to be reduced every year.  Additional therapy reimbursement is soon to be a thing of the past.  Showing good outcomes has never been more important. Getting your OASIS correct at the start of care (SOC) is the key to your agency’s success.  The second session in this series, led by Michael McGowan of Operacare, takes a close look at the most common mistakes made by Home Health Agencies when completing OASIS assessments.