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How to have End of Life Conversations with your Patients

  •   Webinar
  •   1/12/2017
  •   Carleen Rogers, RN, BS, CHPN

This webinar focuses on the importance of appropriate end-of-life conversations for patients, families and our healthcare system. Carleen Rogers, a veteran hospice clinician and executive will discuss the Why, When, and How regarding these important yet difficult converasations with your patients.


Episode 17: Carleen Rogers of Medalogix

  •   Podcast
  •   10/4/2016
  •   Tripp Matthews

In this episode, we introduce Carleen Rogers of Medalogix.  Carleen is a caring and earnest person who has spent most of her healthcare career in the Hospice world, and now provides education and consulting.  Her passion for hospice comes through as she tells the story of her journey to Hospice care, and shares what Medalogix is doing to help further reduce the stigma of hospice in this country.


The Value of Home Assessments: Going Beyond "Pick Up Throw Rugs"

  •   Webinar
  •   8/3/2016
  •   HCAF Annual Conference

From the HCAF Conference:  Current home assessment tools utilized by health care professionals are limited in substance and outcomes - appearing mostly as audits or checklists.  Carolyn Sithong leads this session about how these tools can limit environmental assessment capacity, while also understanding and overcoming the barriers that prevent patients from implementing home modifications that can help ensure their safety.