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Business Lines


What Is a Security Risk Assessment?

  •   Article
  •   10/31/2017
  •   John McDuffie

In the healthcare realm, protecting your network and data is the law. Protecting PHI and ePHI requires many safeguards including strong password protection and strict adherence to policies governing the handling of PHI and ePHI to mention a few. Every possible step must be taken to ensure a patient’s information is not compromised.  This article provides excellent insight into how you can protect your data and protect your practice!


Episode 27: HHGM Discussion with Nick Seabrook

  •   Podcast
  •   10/25/2017
  •   Tripp Matthews, Nick Seabrook

The proposed new Home Health Grouping Model has everyone astir in the Homecare space.  Nick Seabrook, of BlackTree Healthcare Consulting is back on the pod to discuss this massive issue.

We discuss what the major changes are in this Proposed Rule, how they will impact agencies, and why CMS has made this paradigm-shifting change.



QAPI Series, Part 2: Patient Satisfaction

  •   Webinar
  •   10/24/2017
  •   Diane Link, RN, MHA

In this second session of a four-part series on the new QAPI initiative, Diane Link of BlackTree Healthcare Consultants provides a detailed analysis of how HHCAHPS play a role in both Five Star Rating and VBP. This education session will help to provide an understanding of how Patient Satisfaction plays a more significant role in QAPI programs.  This webinar focuses on the following three HHCAHPS domains:  Care of Patients, Communication and Specific Care Issues.


How can Hospice, Home Health and Medicaid Waiver Services Coexist?

  •   Webinar
  •   9/29/2017
  •   Katie Wehri, CHPC

This webinar provides a review of the services required to be provided under the Medicare hospice benefit and the Medicare home health benefit as well as the services covered under a Medicaid Waiver - and how they can coexist with hospice or home health.  Common non-compliant practices will be discussed along with suggestions for coordination of care.  Specific areas of focus are: Federal regulations regarding hospice services, home health services and Medicaid waiver services; why some common practices are non-compliant and provide examples of compliant practices, and care coordination requirements.


The Trump Effect: How the New Administration is Impacting Homecare

  •   Webinar
  •   9/26/2017
  •   Angelo Spinola

This education is packed with information on how the Trump Administration is impacting the Homecare industry - both directly and indirectly.  Angelo Spinola focuses on the expected agenda and priorities of the new Department of Labor leadership and anticipated timing of potential changes, current litigation trends, understanding the practices most commonly targeted by private lawsuits and Department of Labor investigations. 

This session also provides some remedial steps companies should take to mitigate their risk.Formulate and prioritize a compliance agenda to proactively reduce your risk of liability.



Home Health CoP Series #2: Care Planning and Coordination of Services

  •   Webinar
  •   9/1/2017
  •   Sharon Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA

In this second of a four-part series on the new Home Health Conditions of Participation, Sharon Litwin, of 5 Star Consultants, educates your organization on the changes to the Care Planning, Coordination of Services, Skilled and Aide Services Conditions of Participation.  This session is largely focused on the Patient-centered approach to care delivery, and is an depth look at the new elements and main changes to the Care Planning and Coordination of Services CoP’s – and how that emphasizes CMS’s focus on patient-centered and data-driven patient care.