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Homecare & Technology Podcast Series - Episode 4

  •   Podcast
  •   8/31/2017
  •   Tripp Matthews, Danielle Pierotti, Wanda Coley, Michael McGowan


In this fourth episode of the Homecare & Technology Podcast Series, Tripp Matthews of Curaport and Danielle Pierotti of Elevating HOME are joined by Wanda Coley, COO of Well Care Home Health, and Michael McGowan, Founder and President of OperaCare, LLC.  This episode is about Data in the Homecare space.  A big, and important word and topic in all of healthcare today, we discuss the quality of the information and data that is most utilized to run Homecare organizations.  Also, an interesting question on are we looking at the right data when managing our agencies both now and for the future.


Again, this discussion turned to ensuring the data that is collected through technology is done correctly by the humans providing the care and documenting that care. 


This is a great series, and we are happy to have you on this journey with us!



Homecare & Technology Podcast Series - Episode 2

  •   Podcast
  •   8/17/2017
  •   Tripp Matthews, Danielle Pierotti, Ryan Cavanaugh, Teresa Craig


In this episode, Tripp Matthews of Curaport and Danielle Pierotti of Elevating HOME are joined by Ryan Cavanaugh, CIO of Fusion Healthcare, and Teresa Craig, VP of Client Strategy at Netsmart Technologies.  The second episode is about Technology as it relates to Policy and Regulatory matters in Homecare.  We discuss where Technology has driven policy changes, and also how Technology is enabling Regulatory Compliance for Homecare providers. 


An interesting tangent was taken about the struggles of many agencies to afford the technologies that would further enhance their compliance with policies and regulations.  Also, how the adoption and usage of Technology is still much of the problem when it comes to the intersection of Technology and Homecare.



Home Health CoP Series #1: Overview and Patient Rights

  •   Webinar
  •   8/10/2017
  •   Sharon Litwin, RN, BSHS, MHA

In this first of a four-part series on the new Home Health Conditions of Participation, Sharon Litwin of 5 Star Consultants educates your organization on what these new CoP’s entail, and will tighten her focus throughout the series on how you can prepare to run your business with these new Conditions. 

Sharon Litwin’s education for this initial session begins with an overview of the main revisions and additions in the new Conditions of Participation.  A deeper dive is made into the following new or changes Conditions of Participation:  Principles of the new Conditions of Participation, Patient Rights (New), Org and Admin Services CoP (changes), OASIS Services (slight changes), and Personnel Qualifications (changes).




Therapy Documentation for Home Health Care

  •   Webinar
  •   8/9/2017
  •   Douglas Farrell, PT

Doug Farrell, PT of Advance Rehab Management Group teaches you the best practices regarding correct and compliant therapy documentation.  This education will take you within the industry and identify potential areas of improvement in your own therapy documentation. Are you a better therapist than your notes indicate? By attending this webinar, you will have the opportunity to take a critical look at things like: 

  • The therapy you delivered and the documentation you didn’t;
  • You’re only as good as your documentation says you are;
  • Providing better care through excellent documentation;
  • And, more!



Winning the War on Wounds

  •   Webinar
  •   7/21/2017
  •   Myra Varnado, BS, RN, CWOCN

This is an excellent session from Myra Varnado and Kathy Piette of Corstrata about how to really get a handle on your Wound population.  Home health and Hospice providers are in a constant battle with wounds.  Trying not to lose on the financial front, but at the same time striving for victory on the quality front.  Providers are faced with a constant barrage of new wound supplies and treatment modalities. This session will arm you with a battle plan for reinforcing your wound management program with strategies such as deploying technology and evidence based protocols to ensure your agency wins the war.


QAPI Series, Part 1 - Reducing Acute Care Hospitalizations

  •   Webinar
  •   6/26/2017
  •   Diane Link, RN, MHA

The new requirements for providers, which were introduced in the new Conditions of Participation for Home Health, are inclusive of Program Oversight, Executive Responsibility, Scope, Data and Activities.  This education session will help to provide an understanding of how to use your Data to affect change in a specific High Risk area:  Acute Care Hospitalizations.

In this second session of a three-part series on the new QAPI initiative, Diane Link of BlackTree Healthcare Consultants provides a detailed analysis of how using the data contained in your CASPER Report can help you reduce your Acute Care Hospitalizations