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Connecting the Dots for QI and Financial Success in Home Health Care

Kimberly Skehan of Simione Healthcare Consultants leads this session that educates on how Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement has a significant impact on survey readiness, demonstration of quality to the public and referral sources, and the agency's bottom line due to the financial implications of performance measures under value based purchasing and other key quality measures.  From the HCAF Conference, industry best practices and examples will guide viewers in developing a program for prioritizing QAPI measures.


Evolving Programs to Support the Aging American Population

Matthew Capell of FHS Seniorcare Payment Solutions discusses the many factors that are fueling the concerns that government-sponsored programs will not be able to sustain the rising long-term care costs of our rapidly aging population.  In order to thrive in the evolving health care ecosystem, home care agencies must understand how these programs are changing and how newly emerging programs will alter the landscape dramatically.  From the HCAF Conference.


What Certified Home Health Can Learn from Private Duty

Certified Home Health Agencies can learn a lot from Private Duty businesses.  Gerry Fioriglio and Loretta Pigeon of Family Caregivers Network present this insightful session from the HCAF Conference.  It is all in your midset:  Certifed Agencies have Patients, while Private Duty Agencies have Clients.  Learn about the other differences, and how to look, talk, operate and market your Private Duty Business.


How to Manage the Numbers: Sales Metrics that Matter!

Melanie Stover, the leading expert in Home Care Sales & Marketing, helps you find the science in your sales.  THere are key indicators in sales that matter - do you know your metrics?  This session will focus on the top five indicators to watch for to help you achieve your sales goals!


The Value of Home Assessments: Going Beyond "Pick Up Throw Rugs"

From the HCAF Conference:  Current home assessment tools utilized by health care professionals are limited in substance and outcomes - appearing mostly as audits or checklists.  Carolyn Sithong leads this session about how these tools can limit environmental assessment capacity, while also understanding and overcoming the barriers that prevent patients from implementing home modifications that can help ensure their safety.


Value Programming Requires Improved Clinical Outcomes: Here is how to produce them

From the HCAF Conference, Arnie Cisneros and Kimberly McCormick of Home Health Strategic Management deliver an excellent session on new care and programming models outlined in the Affordable Care Act that have now arrived.  Providers face new challenges that alter many of our historical community care delivery practices.  VBP, CCJR, readmission efforts and Alternate Payment Models require a shift from volume to value.  This presentation outlines the drivers that to elevate the value in your programs.