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Retention & Recruitment Strategies for Home Care Agencies

From the HCAF Conference, Bob Roth of Cypress Homecare Solutions presents on how retaining and finding qualified caregivers is the number one challenge faced by agency owners and operators.  External influences, the repeal of the companion service exemption, ACA, and increasing minimum wage all congribue to this dilemma.  Learn from Bob to pick up retention and recruiting strategies, discover tools and resources that you may want to stop the bleeding and turnover.


Budgeting and Forecasting in Today's Environment

From the HCAF Conference:  With reimbursement shrinking over the years and a variety of pre- and post-payment reviews and recoupments, budgeting and forecasting your agency's overall bottom line is a challenge now more than ever.  John Reiseinger of Innovative Financial Solutions delivers an informative session that will help you make sense of it all and help you chart a course for smoother seas when it comes to budgeting and forecasting for your agency as you set sail towards the new horizon of ACOs and Value Based Purchasing.


Strategic Planning for Private Duty

From the HCAF Conference, nationally acclaimed expert Mary Furlong educates on designing a business plan that will accelerate your business in the next two quarters as well as the next eight quarters.  What tools do you need to create a new strategic plan?  How to build a business ecosystem that will drive leads and accelerate revenue - and how to use social and digital media to move your brand.


Private Duty Revenue Opportunity for Home Health Agencies

From the HCAF Conference, agencies are additing private duty to their service portfolio to capture clients in the beginning of the health delivery continuum.  Consumers and referral sources prefer to work with health care providers than can offer total care, including Home Health, Hospice, and Private Duty.  Matthew Capell of FHS Seniorcare Payment Solutions educates on understanding how the models of Home Health and Private Duty differ and the enormous Private Duty opportunity for HHAs.


Diagnostic Based Selling System

From the HCAF Conference, speak the language of clinicians and gain more referrals!  Learn specific questions from Melanie Stover to maximize sales performance.  Educate your referral sources on how you are a partner for 30 days post-acute care discharge and beyond, and gain the targeted patient population you want!


Increase Employee Retention: What the Affordable Care Act Means for You

From the HCAF Conference:  This session, led by Sarah Oliver of Benefits In A Card, will assist with ACA compliance, avoiding penalties, and understanding how to reap the benefits and maintain your bottom line through self-funded group insurance plans.  Learn how to gain a competitive edge through employer benefit offerings and how to improve employee satisfaction and retention.