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Web Marketing Made Simple

A nuts-and-bolts but powerful session focused on Search Engine Optimiation for your business.  Stephan Boehringer of Get The Clicks says to STOP THE INSANITY!  Every year the Google gods change the way businesses appear online, affecting a company's bottom line.  With all these changes about Google this and Facebook that - who has the time to keep up and run a business?  Stop chasing your tail and create a simple list of marketing priorities specifically designed for your agency.


Master Marketing Plans That Attract New Clients

From the HCAF Conference, this presentation will help agencies develop a marketing plan that fits their business and assists in understanding the ins-and-outs of how, to whom, and when to market.  Bob Roth's step-by-step marketing process teaches the best methods for developing a plan that fits their unique needs and sets up and delivers the most effective marketing budget. 


Ride the Wave with In-Home Primary Care Providers for Better Outcomes

Many patients that are discharged from the hospital for Home Health are at high-risk for rehospitalization, but yet little physician engagement to provide a coordinated care experience.  Lisa Kidd, of Baptist Home Health Care provides education on how to develop a program that provides a safety net and true continuation of care across the different entities of the healthcare continuum:  Health System, Physician, and all aspects of Home & Community Based Services.


Differentiate with a Caregiver Training Lab

Caregiver training is vital to the success of any private duty home care agency.  Bob Roth, of Cypress Homecare Solutions, demonstrates how he and his team have set up their Caregiver Training Lab, and how it can impact your agency by enabling you to create the model caregiver for your organization and community. 


Connecting the Dots for QI and Financial Success in Home Health Care

Kimberly Skehan of Simione Healthcare Consultants leads this session that educates on how Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement has a significant impact on survey readiness, demonstration of quality to the public and referral sources, and the agency's bottom line due to the financial implications of performance measures under value based purchasing and other key quality measures.  From the HCAF Conference, industry best practices and examples will guide viewers in developing a program for prioritizing QAPI measures.


Evolving Programs to Support the Aging American Population

Matthew Capell of FHS Seniorcare Payment Solutions discusses the many factors that are fueling the concerns that government-sponsored programs will not be able to sustain the rising long-term care costs of our rapidly aging population.  In order to thrive in the evolving health care ecosystem, home care agencies must understand how these programs are changing and how newly emerging programs will alter the landscape dramatically.  From the HCAF Conference.