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Episode 8: Diane Link of BlackTree Healthcare Consulting


  Tripp Matthews, Diane Link

Diane Link of BlackTree Healthcare Consulting, the "Outcome Queen," joins the podcast to talk about her upcoming Outcome Improvement Series on Curaport.  We also get to know the person that is Diane - how the flame of her passion for Home Care was lit, how she got to where she is today as a true Subject Matter Expert, and a weird hobby of hers.

You can learn more about Diane on the Affiliates page of Curaport's webiste - http://www.curaport.com/affiliates.

Learn more about BlackTree Healthcare Consulting - http://www.blacktreehealthcareconsultin

Episode 7: Steve Yeatts of www.steveyeatts.com


  Tripp Matthews, Steve Yeatts

In this enjoyable episode, Steve Yeatts joins Tripp to chat about Sales, Marketing and Leadership.  We first get to know the man behind the mic:  How Steve Yeatts came to be the motivational force he is today, and then discuss the necessity of "Connectors" in Sales & Marketing, Altruism vs. Capitalism in Sales, and a snippet of what to expect from his webinar coming up on Curaport on May 19th, 2016. 

You can learn more about Steve and his business at www.steveyeatts.com.

Steve is also featured on Curaport in a recent article (http://www.curaport.com/articles), as well as his first of three web sessions he will be presenting on the Curaport platform (http://www.curaport.com/webinars). 

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Episode 6: Homecare Roundtable #1


  Tripp Matthews, Eric Scharber, Nick Seabrook

In the first Homecare Roundtable episode, Eric Scharber of Exact Recruiting and Nick Seabrook of BlackTree Healthcare Consulting join Tripp for a 'friendly' conversation.  The Homecare Roundtable will be a monthly episode featuring a rotating cast of characters that are friends as well as colleagues. 

This conversation is about the happenings at the recent NHPCO and VNAA conferences, a discussion about how Homecare agencies are preparing for some of Medicare's new Alternate Payment Models; how agencies are trying to figure out the staffing models for these new APM's, a brief discussion about Chronic Care Management, and also about some of Curaport's Vendor Corner vendors and upcoming webinars.

Exact Recruiting:  http://www.exactrecruiting.com

BlackTree:  http://www.blacktreehealthcareconsulting.com

Curaport:  http://www.curaport.com

Episode 5: Exclusion Screening


  Tripp Matthews, Ashley Hudson, Erin Archer

In this very educational episode, Erin Archer of Exclusion Screening, LLC and Ashley Hudson of Liles Parker PLLC educate me on Exclusion Screening - both the company and the Requirement. We discuss the difference between Exclusion Screening and a background check; what constitutes an exclusion; the perils of employing an excluded individual; and which individuals should be screened.

This conversation is a great primer for the webinar scheduled for late June, which will be led by these two attorneys.

This engagement was so informative that we are going to add this as a monthly podcast episode entitled "Legally Blonde" which will cover all aspects of Legal matters throughout the healthcare industry.

Exclusion Screening, LLC's website: www.exclusionscreening.com

Liles Parker's website: www.lilesparker.com

Curaport's website: www.curaport.com

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Episode 4: Jason Lewallen of PlayMaker CRM


  Tripp Matthews, Jason Lewallen

This week's episode is a conversation with Jason Lewallen, National Business Development Manager for PlayMaker CRM. We talk about Playmaker's history, product and services for a bit, then begin to wax eloquent about the current Sales Culture in the healthcare space.

The quote of the episode is from Jason, when speaking about Homecare & Hospice agencies marketing to their referral sources: "You can't outmarket your outcomes."

The episode concludes talking about what we have learned of late about Sales & Marketing.

Visit their website at: www.playmakercrm.com

Episode 3: Nick Seabrook of BlackTree Healthcare Consulting


  Tripp Matthews, Nick Seabrook

Tripp Matthews and Nick Seabrook of BlackTree Healthcare Consulting discuss March Madness, Healthcare Reform, Value Based Purchasing, and try to sound intelligent about the Affordable Care Act and what TrumpCare would look like.