Outcome Improvement Series, episode 3: HHCAHPS Care of Patient

Continuing Education This course is approved for 1 contact hour(s) of Continuing Education for: Nursing

The HHCAHPS is divided into 3 composite question categories and 2 specific questions.  In this webinar we will focus on the composite questions related to Care of Patients.   Included in the webinar will be improvement suggestions for each of the 4 questions along with implementation information for a PIP based on this composite question.


Essential Compliance Strategies: Planning an M&A Transaction

From the HCAF Conference:  Join Lani Dornfeld, Esq. as she educates on how to properly gear up compliance in anticipation of a sale or merger.  What sellers need to know, buyers need to ask, and what to expect and consider regarding indemnifications. 


How Employee Education Will Help Your Agency Surf the Changing Tides of VBP

From the HCAF Conference, this session is about how HHAs can survive the tide of VBP without getting knocked down into the sand.  Led by Bonnie Staas, learn how to bait, cast, and reel in the best employees, and learn how to train previously mismanaged and misinformed field staff.  Hone the skills of your office staff to produce pearls and learn proven strategies of successful orientation and training programs!


Federal Legal Updates for 2016, 2017 & Beyond

From the HCAF Conference, Bob King of Legal Nanny delivers an informative session that provides a comprehensive federal legal update for changes in 2016 and beyond in home care laws.  Learn about overtime and the status of the companionship exemption; sleep and travel time; responding to Department of Labor aduits; and wage and hour issues. 


Diagnostic Based Selling System

From the HCAF Conference, speak the language of clinicians and gain more referrals!  Learn specific questions from Melanie Stover to maximize sales performance.  Educate your referral sources on how you are a partner for 30 days post-acute care discharge and beyond, and gain the targeted patient population you want!


Increase Employee Retention: What the Affordable Care Act Means for You

From the HCAF Conference:  This session, led by Sarah Oliver of Benefits In A Card, will assist with ACA compliance, avoiding penalties, and understanding how to reap the benefits and maintain your bottom line through self-funded group insurance plans.  Learn how to gain a competitive edge through employer benefit offerings and how to improve employee satisfaction and retention.