Business Lines


Master Marketing Plans That Attract New Clients

From the HCAF Conference, this presentation will help agencies develop a marketing plan that fits their business and assists in understanding the ins-and-outs of how, to whom, and when to market.  Bob Roth's step-by-step marketing process teaches the best methods for developing a plan that fits their unique needs and sets up and delivers the most effective marketing budget. 


Web Marketing Made Simple

A nuts-and-bolts but powerful session focused on Search Engine Optimiation for your business.  Stephan Boehringer of Get The Clicks says to STOP THE INSANITY!  Every year the Google gods change the way businesses appear online, affecting a company's bottom line.  With all these changes about Google this and Facebook that - who has the time to keep up and run a business?  Stop chasing your tail and create a simple list of marketing priorities specifically designed for your agency.


Whatever It Takes To Get Private Pay Patients: The Total Customer Service Program

From the HCAF Conference, Eileen Freitag of Fazzi provides a dynamic presentation with clear insights and strategies for developing a total customer service program.  Learn the how a "real" customer service can increase patient satisfaction and loyalty, generate more referrals and new sources of referrals, and increasing staff satisfaction and morale.


ICD-10 Nine Months Later: How are we doing?

From the HCAF Conference:  Are we having fun yet?  Many agencies are not!  Joing Sharon Litwin of 5 Star Consultants as she educates on the ICD10 challenges, how to overcome them, and strategies to progress with improved documentation and lessened knowledge deficits.


Survey Ready in 90 Days!

Ann Olson and Kathryn Roby of Qualidigm present on the significant regulatory changes that have recently been enacted.  Home Health and Hospice providers are facing accreditation and certification surveys that are very different in content, approach, and expectation.  This session will provide you with a 90-day roadmap to survey readiness, and establishing the right approach to maintain this readiness moving forward.


Staying Afloat Under Pressure: New Terminology and Staging Clarifications for Wounds

In April of 2016, the National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel announced a change in terminology from pressure ulcer to pressure injury and included updates on the stages of pressure injuries.  Sue Kennedy adn Debbie Ritter, of Ritken & Associates, help you to understand the updated stages of pressure injuries, clarification of would assessments, and teaching points to address with home care staff to ensure accurate documentation and outcomes.  From the HCAF Conference.