Finding the right education channel for you and your team should not be challenging. There are subject matter experts aplenty – but how does one know where to go to find them and consume their content when their schedule allows?

Curaport. That is how. At Curaport, we look to aggregate the thought leaders and trend makers in this industry into one convenient and fresh place. The Curaport Network brings together news, content, tools, and learning programs from credited, trusted information sources. Curated by a leading group of advisors, consultants, key thought leaders, and content affiliates, Curaport is THE news and information portal for the Healthcare Continuum. Our users and subscribers will gain truly applicable education from industry leaders and partners that they can take back to their businesses and put to immediate and intended use. We intend not to paint the Mona Lisa, but to build the Louvre.

Curaport offers users and subscribers an on demand platform/destination for education, communication and industry input to operate their businesses and put to immediate and intended use. Additional features include:

Curaport is the start of what we know this industry needs. A true, single destination to arm you and your team with the necessary content to achieve your business goals sooner than later.

Tripp Matthews
Tripp Mathews
Co-founder and CEO of Curaport

Whitley Gordon Matthews, III, or Tripp as he is known, is co-founder and CEO of Curaport, LLC. Tripp has worked in the Healthcare industry for the last 12 years, holding Sales positions at both McKesson and Healthcare First. Tripp is also currently serving as the Director of Homecare Sales for Healthcare First. His work at CareSouth previously was largely spent in developing and executing a Sales Training program. Perhaps his favorite role to date was serving as a high school science teacher and coach at his alma mater, First Presbyterian Day School in Macon, GA.

Tripp is married to Lauren (Cutright) Matthews for 16 years, and proud father of three daughters – Gracie, Mary Holland, and Bowen. (His mother tells him that is God’s revenge…) His main passions in life are Auburn University Football, Liverpool Football Club, Southern Alliance Futbol Academy, and The Dehem Cup. He loves his parents and brother so very much. He will correct your grammar in emails and texts.

Tripp is a graduate of Auburn University in 1999 with a BS in Biomedical Sciences and Spanish. His GPA was just fantastic.

Follow Tripp Matthews:

Office: (478) 787-1034
Facebook: tripp.matthews.50
Twitter: @TrippusMaximus
LinkedIn: tripp-matthews-6801b228

Lisa McFann
Lisa McFann
Co-founder and COO of Curaport

Lisa McFann has been in the medical industry for over 20 year’s. Specializing in large Physician Practices, Home Health, and Hospice in both the Provider and Software Industry. Lisa is currently the COO of Successful Health and Wellness Solutions. A consulting firm specializing in the Physician Practice, ACO and Health Plan Industry. Providing education and direction on Risk Adjustment, Documentation, the ACA and most importantly the transformation from a Sick Care model to a Preventive and Wellness model guaranteeing Chronic Care and Transitional Care Management excellence. Lisa is also the Founder of Curaport. Her dream come true. During her career she has spent countless hours researching regulations, payment changes, compliance, and the important information needed to advise clients and corporations on direction that would benefit them. Rather it be business development, streamlining a workflow process or adhering to a new regulation there was always time spent on staying IN THE KNOW!

Lisa Received her Masters of Science in Nursing Education from The University of Alabama. She is also a Certified Executive Health Coach and assists in designing Health and Wellness programs for private sector corporations. Lisa is an active member in her community and profession, she currently sits on several boards and councils. Lisa will be speaking and presenting at several conferences and venues in 2016. She is a firm believer in volunteering and giving back. Practical Education is at the Core of her being.

Follow Lisa McFann:

Office: (912) 297-0066
Facebook: lisa.mcfann.1
Twitter: @McfannLisa
LinkedIn: lisarwatson

Had you asked any of our colleagues at McKesson if Lisa McFann and Tripp Matthews were more likely to kill one another or to go into business together, it is safe to say most would select the former. However, with the launch of Curaport, we believe a number of perceptions are subject to change.

In our collective 20 years of experience working in the Physician Practice and Post- Acute market segments, almost everything has changed: regulations, payment reforms, electronic medical record systems have taken hold, and literally almost everything else in between. But one thing has not changed, and that is the need for relevant and impactful education and information. I have yet to meet one agency, institution or care provider that has said, "We have all the education we need, and the education providers that we regularly do business with are meeting all of our needs." Never. Not one time. That is not to say the thought leaders, industry associations, and educators are not out there and available. Only to say that we believe that the right vehicle, or mechanism, has not existed to aggregate this information into one place. Not until now, that is.


When Lisa called me in late 2015 with an idea to start an online education portal for the Post-Acute Care market, I did not hesitate to accept her invitation. Having carried a bag for the last ten years was enjoyable and rewarding, but it was not fulfilling. I was a nine iron away from being 40, and Lisa’s decision to start another Physician Practice consulting and education business had inspired me to dream, frankly. Not to confuse Lisa McFann with Martin Luther King, Jr., but the tuning fork in my soul had been struck.

Our collective passion for education, and our strong belief that this market segment as a whole was being underserved relative to education and information that was easy to understand and digest drove us to fight through some early jitters to bring Curaport to be. Most folks are afraid to admit this (and to be candid, I am a bit reluctant to share this now), but listening to a subject matter expert discuss the latest regulation or the upcoming reform is difficult. Most of what we hear are buzzwords, marketing snippets, and acronyms – but almost everyone is too afraid to raise their hand and say, "What on earth are you talking about?" Nobody wants to be "outed" by their peers as not good enough or not smart enough.

So why did we start Curaport? To deliver relevant and impactful education and information to a market segment whose disparate parts are growing together – and to do so in a manner that can be understood and applied. We want to Curate the content that exists, and to provide this in a portal that everyone knows about and can access.

We are excited to have you on this journey with us.